The Feminine
Leadership Antidote

7 Steps to Innovate, Revolutionise and Elevate Your Leadership

Women in leadership face different problems, which means they need tailored solutions. The Feminine Leadership Antidote™ has been created from the learnings of one female leader, who is passionate about sharing her knowledge to help other female leaders achieve their full potential. 

The program is split into 7 easily digestible modules delivered across 12 months, to help you successfully make significant changes without becoming overwhelmed with information. 

Our goal is to help women in leadership achieve more, which is why we offer a risk free approach. This program offers you a 30 day money back guarantee if you don’t feel like it’s working for you, no questions asked! 

We offer a safe space for women in leadership to share and grow, with a skilled mentor to help you through every step of the way.

What we help female leaders achieve

The Feminine Leadership Program Overview

In this module, we will debunk the mysteries of your unconscious mind to drive change and transformation by knowing how to ask more thought-provoking questions, moving your team from poor performance to high performance.

We will unpack how to:

  • Influence your team: stop telling, start showing.
  • Cultivate curiosity and ask more insightful questions.
  • Develop awareness of your unconscious biases.
  • Practice a growth mindset over a fixed mindset.

We will use these tools:

  • Mental Model Mapping tools to change your thinking.
  • Thought-provoking questions guide to spark deep conversations.

Share these thinking tools with your team and colleagues as a way to help them make better decisions and solve problems.

Next, we will share powerful tips with you on how to inspire, drive and shift your team and others from low drive to high drive by creating the space to allow them to stand in their truth, be heard and recognised for the leaders that they are.

We will unpack how to:

  • Empower through action, compassion and trust
  • Be of service and take care of your team as a phenomenal leader
  • Lead with vulnerability, confidence and presence
  • Show appreciation and value through acknowledgement, reward and recognition


We will use the following tools:

  • The ultimate questionnaire to supercharge your leadership
  • The fundamental assessment to drive your team towards success

Invite your team to assess
 their own motivations, engagement and inspiration.

If you want a standing ovation and to be known for your thought leadership, have a voice, and be trusted as the master of communication, this module will enable you to become the superstar of negotiations and influencing any outcome.

We will unpack how to:

  • Build trust and rapport with anyone through intuitive intelligence.
  • Influence through body language and non-verbal communication.
  • Develop the power of active listening to understand your teams’ needs and drivers.
  • Enrich your vocabulary as a transformational woman in leadership.

We will use the following tools:

  • Assessment tools that will reveal your communication style.
  • A guide on how to lead with effective communication.

Pave the way for your team to have powerful conversations that will spark unparalleled results.

In order to increase your self-awareness and be able to manage your emotions, the following module will help you learn how to come across as composed, cool, calm and collected to have those conversations that most leaders run away from.

We will unpack how to:

  • Lead courageous conversations.
  • Incorporate emotional intelligence elements into your leadership style
  • Create a paradigm shift in leadership and perceptions.
  • Empower your leadership through pioneering thinking.

We will use the following tools:

  • Enhancing and leading with emotional intelligence workbook
  • A how-to guide and worksheets on courageous conversations

Coach your team the steps to brave conversations as a way to create paradigm shifts and let go of the resistance to change.

People will always remember how you made them feel. Therefore, building your profile to elevate your personal brand as an influential woman in leadership is key by tapping into your innate superpowers that you had no recollection or awareness of before.

We will unpack how to:

  • Use storytelling to be an inspirational leader.
  • Establish your personal branding to influence.
  • Lead by example, the confident feminine way.
  • Discover and develop your strengths.


We will use the following tools:

  • A step-by-step template on how to create a career plan on leadership principles.
  • The 5-step process matrix to implement positive psychology as a framework to influential leadership.


Share a career plan with your team on how to work with their strengths and increase their confidence.

If you want to cultivate commitment, progress and perseverance to achieve what matters most to you no matter what life throws at you, this will improve your level of resilience by discovering the upside to stress. Grit is courage, bravery and the stubborn refusal to quit, and you will develop it with the help of this module.

We will unpack how to:

  • Develop resilience, grit and grace for the confident leader.
  • Implement time management principles for the exceptional leader.
  • Apply the techniques of effective feedback for outstanding results.
  • Adopt inclusive leadership and psychological safety.

We will use the following tools:

  • The ultimate cheat sheet for mastering feedback.
  • Leadership resilience and boosting buoyancy blueprint.

Create a feedback culture that initiates trust, autonomy and security.

If you practice mindfulness, you will be present, purposeful and proactive. You will create strong boundaries, build good habits and lead by example the mindful way, having more time for your team, your career and your greatest asset: you.

We will unpack how to:

  • Decode leadership good habits.
  • Establish strong boundaries of leadership.
  • Practice mindfulness and meditation for women in leadership.
  • Create a leadership development plan.

We will use the following tools:

  • Development models on how to decipher leadership habits that motivate.
  • A step-by-step process on how to profess mindfulness and meditation for wellbeing.

Embrace deeper levels of happiness, joy and satisfaction with your team to thrive in the areas of relationships, career and wellbeing.

Become The Feminine Leader You Always Wished You Had

What the world needs now, more than ever, are strong and skilled women in leadership. We are here to walk you through each step of the way to make a huge shift and an incredible positive impact. 

The next cohort starts in April! Here’s the stuff you need to know.

  • Option 1 – A one time payment of $4,895 AUD
  • Option 2 – 9 monthly payments of $600 AUD
  • Risk Free! – Get your money back within 30 days of starting the course, no questions asked!

Meet your Mentor - Catherine Plano

Hello, my name is Catherine Plano. And I am here to help you tap into your greatest potential!

In this day and age, the world is crying out for leaders. We need more authentic leaders to truly make a difference. In essence, to stand in your truth is to be a leader. Leadership is defined by the way you think and the way you behave. This, my dearest, is a game-changer.

My mission is to help as many individuals like you to transform and create a vibrant, fulfilling life by tapping into their superpowers, finding the leader within and drawing on their greatest assets to bring out their fullest possible potential.

We all play different roles as a leader in many different areas of our lives. We tend to think of ‘leaders’ as being part of the workforce, or part of the political sphere. However, there are leaders everywhere, woven into every fibre that makes up the fabric of our society.

Our inner leader shows up most when we are composed, focused, driven by inspiration, when we motivate those around us with our passion and our enthusiasm.

I believe that traditional paradigms of leadership are outdated and no longer suited for today’s high-paced, tech-savvy environments. We are at the cutting edge of new models of leadership that are changing the world for the better, growing corporations to new heights and creating healthier lives for all of us.

There is a real science and an alchemy approach to leadership. I have learned so much along my journey in leadership over the 25 years, working with corporations and running my own company, and I am still learning. This is why I share my wisdom and those ‘aha’ moments and insights through my books, blogs, podcast, programmes and workshops.

Why not make a life, not just a living? Don’t just survive. It’s time to thrive.

You have the potential, my dearest, to expand beyond your wildest dreams.

Your inner leader awaits.


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The Next Cohort For The Feminine Leadership Antidote starts in April!

Are you ready to take a risk free, life changing decision to become the best leader you can be? 
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  • Option 1 – A one time payment of $4,895 AUD
  • Option 2 – 9 monthly payments of $600 AUD
  • Risk Free! – Get your money back within 30 days of starting the course, no questions asked!
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